Valirie Anne Camigla
5 min readAug 15, 2019



Katherine Goble, an African-American child were seen by her teacher the potential and brain in solving complex mathematical equations. Her parents was convinced to take her to a better school where see can improve and develop her abilities. Later on, she is now a completely grown up woman. Katherine and her friends, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson are currently working at NASA on West Computing Group.

Dorothy was giving the employees their designated work when Vivan Mitchelle enters the room and tell her that the Space Task Group needs someone who is basically good at geometry. Dorothy picked up Katherine to be assigned. Dorothy followed Ms. Mitchelle and asked for her approval on the file she have sent. Dorothy have filled for a supervisor position in the group since the other employee resigned. She’s been doing all the work of a supervisor but she’s not having any recognition from it. She was told that her reassignment letter is on process.

As for Mary Jackson, she was moved to a permanent position, while discussing on the exterior of the space suit their head leader encouraged her to go on a open engineering program because she has the knowledge of becoming an engineer.

Kathrine first assignment is to take bunches of files were some of the data are removed for highly classified information that she’s is not allowed to dig into. Racism revolves every corner of Virginia, even at work. White and colored are separated in using comfort rooms, public water drinking area, cafeteria, even in coffee dispenser and also by welcoming the soon Astronaut of the America.

When Katherine and her three daughters attended the mass, there she met Colonel Jim Johnson.

Katherine received another files that were shaded and she reflected it through the light and saw the confidential Atlas rocket Study and work on it. Mr. David Harrison questioned her if she is a Russian spy but she decline. Mr. Harrison had no choice since Katherine knew about the Atlas study and let her continue her job.

After the NASA saw that Yuri Gagarin is the first man on space, a Russian success in 1961. They were intimidated and launches Redstone rocket ship.

Mrs. Dorothy entered the IBM processing system room makes right position so she moved it resulting for numbers to appear. Mary on the other hand, scheduled her court session. Dr. Harrison frequently saw Katherine disappeared at the office and returns almost an hour so, when he saw that Katherine was not in her desk he asked everyone where she is. A moment later, Katherine entered the room all soaked and wet carrying her files. She was asked and burst out in anger and told Mr. Harrison that she has to run half mile away to go to comfort rooms and had to work so hard she somehow couldn’t take especially the racism in her environment. Mr. Harrison could not believe what he heard and saw and did not hesitate to take actions.

NASA launches another successful ship named Alan Shepards on May 5, 1961.

Katherine and Jim knew that they share the same feelings towards others and continue to know one another. Mary as a well-determined woman convinced the judge to let her go on school even for night classes only which makes her flutter. Since, Katherine always never got the chance to get all the information she asked Mr. Harrison if she could join and he agreed. There she proves that she has the talent that amazed John Glenn by calculating the entry point of the capsule ship.

Things are going well for the Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary. Jim proposed to Katherine and they get married. Dorothy were finally assigned as a supervisor for IBM computing group. Mary started her class for high school. Friendship 7 is now ready for launching. Katherine returns to West Computing group.
There happened a problem which Katherine resolved immediately. They rejoiced for the complete mission. Everything went successful, Mr. Harrison and the other employees congratulated Katherine.

Katherine Johnson performed calculation for Apollo mission and Space shuttle and honor the Computational Building on her behalf. She was awarded of Presidential Medal of Freedom. Mary graduated and became manager. Dorothy is now a supervisor. There contribution in NASA were now paid off they lived happily with their own family.

In this generation we are living, there are some instances we can see the racism mostly for those unprivileged cetizens of our country. Example are those who did not finish their schools does not get any attention, they were treated as if they don’t exist. The idea of some individuals in having such narrow minds are limited. They don’t understand the hardships they going through they don’t care if they are left behind. We should know their capabilities, knowledge and understanding that is somehow if we get even deeper we’ll realized that they got something to show off. Something that is worth to recognise. They became more hesitant to tell everybody what they feel and know because people of today are insensitive and careless that hinder them to be free and have freedom. Let’s be more like David Harrison and Katherine Johnson of the movie, we should take action if there are people who are mistreated and unrecognised. Lets be fair and square. Every individuals are completely the same. Be a Katherine Johnson, who withstand with courage and our intelligence. We should prove to everyone else that we are capable of everything and strong in every difficulties that comes in our way.

In terms of solving complex mathematical equations, we can see that it took them a lot of time and efforts in getting the answers from r sovled the problem where in our generation everything is easy. We already have laptops, computers, tablets and android cellphones. We can encode datas and information directly and print it out anytime. While on their time, they are manually typing on typewriters, manually calculating the problems in boards, using of compass and paper maps. Now, we can easily use Google its very handy and inconvenience since we all just need an Internet connection and gadgets. We won’t have a hard time dealing with complex questions because our generation evolve better than the past. We have new technologies, applications and Internet connections. Things now are way better than those past generations.