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What is DATA? It is the information that has been converted to a binary digital form by computers and/or transmission media that’s efficient for processing.

(AboutTechology) Data is based on records and observation.

What is INFORMATION? These are the knowledge and understanding of data which includes both electronic and physical data. It may be in the form of paper records, files, and folders, or digital databases.

(AboutTechnology) Information is based on the analysis. ________________________________________________________________

Information Management

According to (School, 2021) Information Technology responds to emerging fields wherein infrastructure used to collect, manage, preserve, store and deliver information. Made up with the sole purpose of design, develop, manage, and use information with insight and innovation along with the support of decision making and create value for individuals, organizations, communities, and societies.

Cited by (Wikipedia, 2019) Information management is concerned through a cycle of organizational activity: the acquisition of information from one or more sources, the custodianship and the distribution of that information to those who need it, and its ultimate disposition through archiving or deletion.

The life cycle of managing information is an operational matter that requires specific procedures, organizational capabilities, and standards that deal with information as a product or a service wherein it is seen as a traditional view. It holds overall generic concepts of management, which includes the planning, organizing, structuring, processing, controlling, evaluation, and reporting of information activities, that need to be organized in an ideal order to meet the specific needs of those with organizational roles or functions that depend on information. It allows information to be presented to the audience or the correct group of people after individuals are able to put that information to use, it then gains more value since it has been checked and evaluated.

According to (O’NEAL, 2017) information Management provides control over the structure, processing, delivery, and usage of information required for management and business intelligence purposes.

Data Management

(Grace, 2018) pointed out Data management is a used collected data valuable resource. It is a process of creating, obtaining, transforming, sharing, protecting, documenting, and preserving data. This includes file-naming conventions and documentation of metadata among other things that ensure these data are available, accurate, complete, and secure. Comprises addressing the development, execution, procedures, policies, and practices of the data cycle.

(Insights)Data management is the practice of managing data as a valuable resource to unlock its potential for an organization. Management includes all the capabilities you need to access, integrate, clean, govern and prepare your data for analytics — including advanced analytics like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Information and Data Management

(Insights)It both aims to promote cross-disciplinary data-driven information management research, especially targeting large-scale datasets in scientific/academic, government, and business domains. Creative applications of theories and techniques including patterns, models, and processes in various datasets; and compatible management processes and social systems required for the realization of the substantial value that data and information offer to organizations.


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